Through her excellent intuitive ability and her most compassionate, empathetic and astute sense of observation, she truly starts you on your own invaluable, individual journey to healing yourself on all levels. The simple suggestions along with the herbs she recommends in order to get you back into balance are so perfectly tailored to address your specific concerns and needs, it is uncanny - they all work! She is truly a blessing to this world.
— J.J. Albany, NY
I came to Heidi when I had spiritual emergency. Heidi is an incredible teacher. She is knowledgeable, strong and unbelievably kind. I received Ayurvedic consultation and valuable guidance. As soon as I had my appointment I felt better. Heidi supported me at every step. I also tried Astral Healing and it was amazing. I noticed changes on emotional and physical level. I will continue to see Heidi. She is an amazing person and a guide. Meeting Heidi was life changing for me.
— Natasha D., Colorado Springs, CO
I attended my first women’s group with Heidi about a year ago on the recommendation from my mom. The group was focused on finding a way to forgive others and love ourselves. The group was an eye opener, and I ended up feeling so good afterwards. I had also been feeling sick, dizzy, and out of sorts, where all the doctors could find was a small brain aneurysm. After I was in and out of ER’s and just flat out frustrated, I turned to Heidi and received a Tibetan Cranial session. This is one of the most eye opening, emotional healing sessions I have ever been given. I have felt better since that day, and went back to my doctor a couple months later for my follow up MRI where they determined my brain aneurysm was no longer there. I would like to think Heidi’s words, sounds, and hands healed me by teaching me true relaxation and that I am worthy of love, and deserve to treat myself as a temple. I am truly grateful for whatever forces brought us together, and I recommend her constantly!
— Ashley O., CO
Because she was so highly recommended, though I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I booked an appointment with Heidi, it was a remarkable experience I plan to repeat. Heidi was confident, warm, professional, thorough and gracious as she guided me from our intro interview & paperwork, into the session and back through our closing business. She sent a brief email a few weeks later with a discreet, caring follow-up.
— Deborah S., Boulder, CO
Thank you so much for your gift of healing. The vertigo is gone right after the session. My face pain is pretty much gone. My energy level is increasing everyday. My sleep pattern immediately fell back in place the first evening. I can focus and I actually worked a full day at work today. I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are so kind, gentle and caring. I am looking forward to our next session and feel I will continue to heal.
— Carol D., Longmont, CO
I just experienced my first session with Heidi yesterday. One of my friends experienced freedom her first visit w/Heidi’s work. She’s a master who cares. I am confident in Heidi’s knowledge and gifting plus excited we are working together. She is gentle, kind and wonderful. I call her my friend not just my practitioner. I’ll see her again in a few days. It’s an investment in me and moving forward in my life. My best days are still days ahead. Breathing with excellent health and with this new life, I can only go UP to greater possibilities. Love ya Heidi.
— Carol G., Boulder, CO
I appreciate the treatment. Your meditative presence and thoughtful healing work has assisted in restoring balance and health to my being. I appreciate the blessings that you bring, the harmony that you restore is wonderful. Thank you.
— Arthur, Boulder, CO
I am ever grateful for having contacted you because it’s made a huge difference in my life thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Harsha V., Toronto, Canada
I cannot express to you, how grateful I am to have you in my life. I have felt the best ever in the last few weeks since we started treatment. I’m very excited for the next step in the journey with Ayurvedic herbs, and further cranial treatment.
— Christina F., Longmont, CO
So much gratitude to you for an AMAZING Tibetan Cranial session today! I can’t recommend your work enough! My crown chakra is open and bright and my jaw is relaxed and renewed...thank you Heidi!!
— Shanti M., Boulder, CO
I started working with Heidi several months ago. I had just discovered Ayurveda and was experiencing many imbalances physically. My sessions with Heidi have taken me on a healing journey that, until now, I could not have fathomed. Heidi has helped me finally let go of so much of what has been keeping me down. After my long distance session with her I feel a sense of inner liberation that I have been desperately longing to feel for quite some time. I am so grateful for her work with me.
— S.T.
Heidi has an amazing gift that is translated well through the use of the Tibetan Cranial technique. When she works on me I usually go into a deep state of healing and relaxation. I have worked with other practitioners of this modality of healing and none have felt as competent and transformative as Heidi.
— Bhadra M., Superior, CO
I feel a very expansive sensation all over, especially in my head, eyes, shoulders. It’s very blissful, floaty. I feel as if I’m blending into the space around me and more quiet inside. My whole body inside feels relaxed, connected and flowing. I feel quieter, more calm, as if my aura is huge! Delightful.
— Jane S., Longmont, CO
The wisdom and sense of inner ease attained through Heidi’s professionalism, knowledge of Ayurveda and most of all her own wisdom, are priceless. My physical body has been transformed from the inside out in just two months of work with her. I feel blessed, confident and hopeful about my health and wellbeing in despite of Drs. Outlook.
— Candice B., Denver, CO
I spent 26 years of my life suffering from sinus headaches. Until I met Heidi. She taught me how to care for myself physically, emotionally, spiritually through Ayurvedic teachings and a bit of yoga that has improved my health- eliminated my headaches, and helped me understand how to care for myself in such meaningful ways. I should add that by the time I met her, I had tried western docs, Chinese medicine including herbs and acupuncture, ENTs with zero impact. When I brought Eli to her this past summer, as we left her office he said—“Mom, how does she glow?” I noticed too how Heidi glows. Because she is a model in practicing all she preaches and the result is a beautiful glowing Lady who inspires people to better themselves and literally runs groups to teach folks how to be happy. If you live in Colorado- she can improve your life significantly. I promise. I’ve watched how what I learn from her helps me as well as my kids when I apply the same principles to them. Thank you Heidi!
— K.P.
I originally scheduled an appointment with Heidi because I was feeling blue. Little did I know she would be able to help me cope with a jaw issue that developed after recent dental work. Her TC sessions leave me feeling balanced, at peace, able to sleep soundly and revitalized. Heidi draws on an array of natural healing knowledge, bridges traditional techniques and modern ailments and remains a compassionate caregiver all the while. I’m grateful to be her patient.
— Courtney B., Denver, CO
I am feeling soooo much better. What a difference-I am so grateful and appreciative of your work.
— Mary W., Longmont, CO
Heidi, I absolutely look forward to your wellness yoga classes. You move us through positions that make me more flexible and improve my balance. You not only make me feel better physically, you raise my spirits with your knowledge and spiritual essence. You just have a way of lifting my spirits. You are an amazing Ayurvedic doctor. I feel fortunate to have met you. Thank you so much.
— Myrna W., Longmont, CO.
The Heidi Healing work is amazing. The universe provides. I feel wonderful. My body doesn’t feel sore and I look forward to approaching the other things going on in the same manner. It was powerful!!! Thank you.
— Carol M., Fort Collins, CO
What a huge difference it has made in the quality of my every day life since my last visit with Heidi. My stress and anxiety manifested itself in the form of panic attacks and vivid nightmares resulting in interrupted sleep. When discussing these symptoms with Heidi, she listened in her joyful accepting way, all the while noting specific herbs and treatments that would be helpful. My symptoms quickly faded once I took herbs, tablets, and nose spray she recommended for me.
Thank you, thank you Heidi.
— Gertie C., Longmont, CO
Heid’s presence emits unconditional love and you will be held in the hands and heart of a true master. My experience with Tibetan Cranial has been profound. Tapping into the depths of stillness I noticed a shift after one session in my facial structure and I feel taller and more aligned in my spine. My cells feel like they are tingling with aliveness and the vastness of empty space filled me up on the inside. The lineage of this healing art is a gift to humanity and Heidi’s knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine has been very helpful in taking another step towards wellness.
— Cassie M., Sedona, AZ
I’ve had multiple concussions, one recently. Tibetan Cranial was profoundly helpful and effective with releasing old trauma, scar tissue and patterns of restriction. I feel more present. My vision is improved. Jaw (TMJ) symptoms have decreased incredibly. Powerful, Amazing work!
— Susan M., Longmont, CO
A trusted friend referred me to Heidi after I experienced a seizure several years ago. During that time, I was also experiencing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, and a feeling of imbalance. My first session with Heidi was nothing less than life changing. I went home feeling relaxed, balanced, and slept better than I had slept in years. I continued to see Heidi regularly and I have not experienced a seizure since my first session nearly three years ago! Heidi has continued to see me over the years, and I always leave her home feeling rejuvenated and balanced. She is truly a gifted healer and I am blessed to be connected to her.
— Stephanie W., Lafayette, CO
I am so grateful for our time together. I was just saying to my friend that during our visit, I felt as if this was just the beginning of a new path for me, that it had come to me in its time. You make me feel very comfortable and I trust your direction for me.
— Suzanne M., Longmont, CO
Heidi’s work is ripe with wisdom, dedication, and love. Not only is she knowledgeable of Ayurvedic practices, her deep understanding of yoga also comes from personal experience and disciplined self-dedication — she lives the lifestyle that she advocates for us. Therefore, the understanding that she shares comes from her direct experience and carries with it its strength. Heidi is also extremely patient, and is able to help us stay positive even in the midst of the most adverse circumstances. Furthermore, she is trained in working collaboratively with Western medicine as well, so that you can treat your condition with a multi-dimensional approach in order to target the problem in as comprehensive a manner as possible.
She is able to integrate the philosophy of her approach to one’s real life circumstances, to assist one in finding a realistic way to make life style changes. Having her help as a healer is a true gift for anyone seeking to change and heal, and to live a healthier, more wholesome life style. I am grateful for all that she has given me, her assistance is precious
— Vanessa P.C., PsyD, New York, NY
My first consultation with Heidi was in July of 2013. What very special experience for me. I was so impressed at her ability to read my body with just a touch if her fingers as she read my pulses and was able to determine the herbal formula that I needed at that time. We had some additional appointments, all of which left me with such a wonderful experience that I wanted to learn more about me. Heidi is so intone and so able to connect spirit to spirit that I am amazed as we meet together. As Heidi introduced me to another side of her business, Tibetan Cranial work and suggested that I should try it, is agreed immediately and set my first appointment. This is truly what had really started my journey to my transformation, and helped me to begin to get in touch with myself again! I just love Tibetan Cranial work. It is so enlightening and brings so much peace and happiness into my body and spirit. I allows me to have a stronger connection to my inner self and open my eyes to my divine nature! I am so impressed with Heidi and her expertise and knowledge of herbs, herbal formulas, as well as her understanding of the healing of the human body. I am so impressed with her desire to learn more by spending the time she xan to enhance her skills and training. Heidi is a wonderful and a profound Practitioner of Ayurveda and an expert in Tibetan Cranial practices! I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. Thank you HEIDI for all you do for so many people and thank you for bringing peace and happiness into my life!
— Lee A., Greeley, CO
I don’t have words to thank you for the day I was lead and blessed to meet you, be guided in finally knowing how to eat, take care of my body, my mind, and my rhythms. I am finally content and peaceful being, being a mother, knowing these years are for my self love and mothering, and the future will unfold as my destiny appears to me along the path. We have four finally mantras we do in the morning now, one is “I see you, I hear you, I love you, I embrace you,” with corresponding gestures, and one is the Navajo song Now I walk in beauty. My husband and I are sweetly relating, I am full of self love and peace, and I am listening and graceful like I haven’t been in many years with him. We are restoring our deep friendship. You are truly an earth angel, and I’m so thankful you are following your destiny and offering your gifts. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
— Sarah L., Boulder, CO
I can honestly say that Heidi has changed my life. I believe that with all of my heart. She has taught me to love and forgive myself in a way that has given me my life back. I have immense feelings of thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation again for the first time in my life. I suffered with severe depression and anxiety for many years. The negative spiral was so dark that I could barely get through each day. I was so full of regret, anger, sadness, and frustration with my life. I hated waking up every day. I was desperate for something or someone to help me. My first Tibetan Cranial session with Heidi was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. She created a warm, relaxing, loving, comfortable environment where I melted into the table and surrendered completely. As she worked on my head and mouth I was overcome with emotions. I had tears streaming down my face. It felt so amazing to release pent up stress, stored up emotions, grief, sadness, and to just let it all go. At the end, I felt more relaxed than after having spent a day at the spa. It was the most amazing feeling. Heidi has mentored me through phone consultations and provided me with herbal formulas to support my body. I feel like my mind, soul and body are all finally healing after many many years of stress, poor food choices, prescription drugs and childbirth. Her warm, loving, enthusiastic voice is a joy to hear. I highly recommend that anyone call and make an appointment as soon as possible. If it’s anything like my experience, you will be a changed person for the better!
— Allisen H., CA
Heidi was very thoughtful to this being my first experience with yoga & meditation. She was kind, caring, very knowledgeable. I have already given information to friends and family to give one of her workshops a try. She is amazing and I will be a return visitor to a future workshop.
— Eileen S., CO
I am so very grateful for your presence in my life, Heidi. I am also ever grateful for the true healing on a deep level. The work you and I have done is nothing short of a miracle for me. I feel more awake and attuned to my spirit and earthly body than I have in many, many long years. Thank you!
— Elizabeth B., Fort Collins, CO
At a time of need Heidi was there for me. All the care compassion and articulate attention to my needs was met and all my Ayurvedic supplements shipped to me in such a timely manner helped me through a very rough patch in my life. I cannot thank you enough and there are no words but immense gratitude for all that you have done for me and to have you in my life. Thank you!Thank you! thank you!
— Harsha V., Canada
Although my Ayurveda learning experience started with a module within yoga teacher training and several years of informal classroom time in Bengaluru, IN, it wasn’t until I studied under Heidi Nordlund, with Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Mandala in Denver, that I finally SOARED with the greatest gift life might ever present to me. While I appreciated the curriculum, energy and format of the educational delivery from the start (and throughout), it wasn’t until I completed the course and started another (via a NAMA accredited school in Florida) that I truly recognized the depth, value and accuracy of Heidi’s teachings. I fully appreciate all of the above with my current Ayurveda College, but will share that I am much stronger and more successful in working with this Science of Life due to the education AND curriculum (especially the format in which it was provided) from Heidi. I’ve experienced real-time circumstances, amongst 2nd and 3rd year Ayurveda students (150 plus case studies with real patients), where I was not only more knowledgeable, but also able to quickly refer to documentation that was accurate, complete and readily useable/concise. My fellow Florida students frequently commented that I had “the best information in such an easily accessible format”. I became very popular due to the very organized binder of descriptive and bulleted information Heidi created and provided to me and my former class members. If it weren’t for my current Ayurvedic Collegiate experience (especially the real-time clinical) I might have never known just how blessed I am for my time and material from Heidi. It’s unparalleled thus far, in my passionate journey to pursue the care and delivery of this Science of Life. With all that said, I hope you/others can appreciate how special (or even critical) it is to study this science with Heidi Nordlund, the coursework is approved by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). If I had not left Colorado, I’d be enrolled in 100% of her courses to complete my education. Gratefully, she always makes herself available to her current and former students. A very sincere OM SHANTI to Heidi and to all who read this. Get ready for one (if not the most) meaningful journies of your physical, earthly lifetime. Namaste.
— Tamara D., FL.
My view of this world has forever been changed in part do to you. I will no longer allow things to stand in my way. I am ready to find my purpose. I cannot begin to thank you for all your prayers . You continue to be the best example of the enlightened that I have ever met. You are truly an ANGEL here on earth and I am truly blessed to know you. All my love.
— Tom H., Colorado Springs, CO
The herbal regimen and positive thinking has had miraculous results. I’ve had about four or five symptom-free very connected days. Fantastic! I haven’t felt this good in a long long time. I can feel the remedies working inside of me and a positive shift taken place.
— Jason B., Lyons, CO
Heidi, thank you for all the wonderful work you do. You have made a huge difference in my life, healing my headaches and teaching me, with patience. Your intuition combined with your education makes you a truly remarkable healer, one I would happily send people to, which I do! Namaste to all.
— Jaqui G., Longmont, CO
It is rare to meet a person truly dedicated to the betterment of others. But, I was lucky to meet Heidi. She helped me enourmously while treating me with her wonderful healing hands, and teaching me with her compassionate heart and wisdom. If I were to define Heidi in two words, it would be “pure love”. Thank you, Heidi!
— Daniela I., Denver, CO
I was very blessed to meet you and experience you and your incredible wisdom, and beautiful heart and light this past Thursday the 29th at the Green Mountain Natural Grocers in Lakewood. First, may I thank you most sincerely for your work, your message to and gifts for our world, and your kindness and wonderful heart. Your presentation was wonderful, even though I am not new to ayurveda - I am always open, because for me, it is not just about “the information” - how your information was shared with us, and how your presentation began, was powerful and hugely inspiring. It was the high point of my week. I thank you.
— Pat M., Lakewood, CO
Your guidance has changed my world so far!! You would not believe (or maybe you would :-) the changes in me. The lines on my face are gone ——poof! Down to 1 line from 3 on my forehead. My skin is significantly smoother. I have been having 2-3 bowel movements per day. My kids have joined me in breathing exercises and stretching.
Your advice has helped my entire family! We all agree that over time, we need to bring each of them to you.
— Karen P., Littleton, CO
It’s been one year since I started working with my Ayurvedic practitioner Heidi Nordlund. I have experienced a profound shift in my well-being (mind, body, + spirit) and feel empowered by the wisdom that Ayurveda teaches. Heidi is the ultimate loving guide and I’m deeply grateful for her!
— Carrie M., Denver, CO
Refreshed, invigorated, renewed. Words that always come to me after being in one of Heidi’s classes. Realizing that all this is new to me is even more thrilling. I so suggest this class, whether you are in need or just wanting a short vacation to restart yourself. I am a caregiver so my life is stressed and the road is rough. It is a day by day fight. Heidi’s classes are my release and ability to find even ground. She allows me to find my sight and my path. I am able to choose a path of love, caring and strength. I am always so delighted for one of her classes to reset myself.
— Joan R., Longmont, CO
I originally scheduled an appointment with Heidi because I was feeling blue. Little did I know she would be able to help me cope with a jaw issue that developed after recent dental work. Her TC sessions leave me feeling balanced, at peace, able to sleep soundly and revitalized. Heidi draws on an array of natural healing knowledge, bridges traditional techniques and modern ailments and remains a compassionate caregiver all the while. I’m grateful to be a her patient
— Coutney B., Denver, CO
Heidi, eternally grateful to you. You have totally changed me, and changed the way I am looking and evolving in Ayurveda.
— Mary B., Erie, CO
You really do embody what I am gathering to be the heart of Tibetan Cranial. You honor whoever graces that table with the upmost purity and presence. I absolutely adore you. And so completely humbled by you. I feel each and every one of us on this planet could use to be treated in such high regard.
— Janelle L., Denver, CO
Heidi’s beautiful being reveals itself through her fingertips - warm, precise and knowing. May her talents help to heal the planet.
— Divya J., Brazil
Although many people associate Ayurveda with healing of the body and with life style adjustments, I have experienced through my work with Heidi, tremendous benefits in emotional and spiritual healing. Heidi is a wise healer and her advanced knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda allow her to zone into the core of one’s emotional difficulties and see how they are linked to spiritual challenges. With this clear profile of a client, Heidi individually tailors practices to address these difficulties while shedding light into the direction one needs to take to heal and live their best life. Heidi offers practices that promote positive thinking, target self-esteem, aid in grief, and most importantly help one develop more self-love in a spiritual sense. I highly recommend working with her to lift emotional difficulties on a deep level that goes beyond addressing symptoms, that contextualizes emotional pain from a spiritual perspective, and that help us increasingly live from our Higher Selves. The practices she has offered me have helped me identify and remove emotional blocks, develop more self-compassion, and to increasingly align with my Higher Self. She is patient and carefully helps us go through the process of connecting to the Divine, from where unconditional love and healing light are ever available to support us in our life’s mission. The level of transformation one achieves is beautiful and magical. I am forever grateful to Heidi and the amazing results of our work. love love love.
— Vanessa C., NY
Thank you so much :) I feel that TC is some of the most intelligent and profound bodywork I have ever received.
— Akacia P., Boulder, CO
Heidi came highly recommended to me by multiple sources and after my first treatment I know why. She took the time to meet me, listen to me and introduce me to the Tibetan Cranial methodology, and much, much more. Being a long time Migraine sufferer I was coming into my first session on my 20th consecutive day of my latest Migraine. The next day, following my treatment, I awoke for the first day in three weeks - pain free. So far this has held and I have not felt the pain that I have had for so long. Up to this point in my life (44 yrs now) I have not considered myself to be a ‘spiritual’ person and Heidi has introduced spirituality to me as well. I was only looking for help with my Migraines and she has offered so much more. If you allow her to work her magic on you, I doubt you’ll be sorry!
— Alex M., Boulder, CO
I’ve only known Heidi for 3 months, but the results I’m seeing already, in this short amount of time, are beyond my expectations! About 4 years ago, I started experiencing major fatigue, bouts of depression, low energy, sleep issues, chronic digestion issues, & food sensitivities, just to name a few symptoms. I have seen dramatic positive changes in the last 3 months since I’ve been seeing Heidi. My digestive issues are completely gone. I really didn’t realize the stress that had caused because I had been living that way for so long. My overall energy has increased, my sleep has improved, my attitude & outlook is much more positive. I just feel so much better, & I believe that Heidi & her techniques, her recommendations, her teachings, her encouragement, her passion… all of what she does, has had a significant impact on me. I can’t thank her enough & really look forward to continuing on with her. I highly recommend Heidi!
— Caryl P., Evergreen, CO
My son was having horrible migraine attacks as a result of radiation treatments for a brain tumor. He would wake with a very sharp pain in his head, which would progress with paralysis to his right arm and hand, then become aphasic for a period of time until the episode pasted and he would return to normal. We had rushed him to the hospital several times thinking he was having a stroke, but all the tests proved uneventful. We had also taken him to several Neurologists who could not diagnosis or provide any valid treatment plans. We were all very discouraged and frightened by these ongoing episodes. I had never heard of TC until a friend at church told me that this ancient method and practice had helped her daughter who had debilitating migraine headaches and was helped tremendously. I myself am a Healing Touch Practitioner and believe completely in alternative modalities. I went to the website and did some research before calling Heidi. Chris has now been seeing Heidi for a few years and has only had one attack (after a severe case of the flu) since she started working with him. He feels calm and relaxed after the treatments and we are so grateful to have found Heidi and TC.
— Pat A., Thornton, CO