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Samskara Clearing

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Release repeating patterns of negative mental karma

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Raise your vibration and clear away negative karma in a profound way!!!

Negative mental karma, or Samskaras, are thought forms that were created in the past and are limiting you now. If you have had chronic neck, back, arm, hip, leg or foot pain, or if you are always attracting the 'wrong' person, or if you are unable to achieve wealth, balance, and even a joyful life, you are repeating the patterns of a past Samskara. More than 90% of repeating patterns in your life come from a negative Samskara from a past life or many past lives, created by horrific abusive events.

How to break free from these repeating negative patterns?

Negative Samskaras can easily be released by revisiting the past life or lives, letting go of the negative energy associated with the unresolved karma, forgiving yourself and others, and then filling yourself with light, love, energy and vibration. A Samskara Clearing will remove the karmic patterns and allow you to receive Divine guidance and experience more love, health, abundance, peace, energy and happiness in all situations. When you release the incorrect judgments or stories that your mind is telling you, even for a moment, then you begin your journey back to the light!

ALL past negative thought forms can be washed away with enough love, light and forgiveness!

Perhaps you have visited or opened a negative past life. This did not clear your Samskara and in most cases only activated it or made it more powerful. You must release all that negativity 100%, and forgive yourself and everyone involved 100%, and fill that space up with love and light 100% to remove your repeating patterns, or you will only activate them to have more power in your current lifetime, and continue to carry it into your next lifetimes, as you are doing now. Continuous introspection or discussion of these patterns to achieve freedom from them is like putting a bandaid over a bullet wound - you still have to get rid of the bullet!

You are an infinite Being of Light that has devolved over many lifetimes to where you are now, thinking you are only human and limiting your abilities to create the magnificence that life was intended to be. Release those repeating patterns through Samskara clearings and allow the Light that is you to guide you in this lifetime.

Free yourself from the past luggage of negative karma, create loving relationships, raise your vibration, liberate and enlighten yourself - This is what you are meant to experience!

Contact Heidi to schedule your clearing 720-771-8534

Heidi is with you through the entire process, guiding you and ensuring that you reach 100% completion.

Imagine your life without those negative patterns... Living life fully, in joy, in peace, in love with everything...

That is your purpose this lifetime! You are worth it!!!