Astral Healing


Astral Healing

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Create deep shifts to improve your life at any level.

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Discover a higher and more joyful way of living your life!

Heal yourself, activate your 3rd eye, enhance your brain function, release emotional blocks, clear away past trauma, tap into higher consciousness, achieve clarity and inner peace. Expect mind-expanding mystical experiences, healing at all levels, improved sleep, greater energy, and renewed passion and inspiration. Do This for Yourself - You Deserve it!

Heal from trauma, joint pain, scoliosis, back pain, headaches, sinus problems, dizziness, indigestion, sleep disorders, fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, nervous system issues, and brain fog that has been holding you back in your life. Symptom from a headache to insomnia or even cancer is your body’s way of telling you it is out of balance.

Heidi offers practices that promote positive thinking, target self-esteem, aid in grief, and most importantly help one develop more self-love in a spiritual sense. I highly recommend working with her to lift emotional difficulties on a deep level that goes beyond addressing symptoms, that contextualizes emotional pain from a spiritual perspective, and that help us increasingly live from our Higher Selves. The practices she has offered me have helped me identify and remove emotional blocks, develop more self-compassion, and to increasingly align with my Higher Self.
— V.C.

During an Astral Healing session, Heidi Nordlund connects with higher spiritual guidance and operates within your energetic field to remove emotional blocks and past trauma. This energetic healing aligns you to the Divine flow within you. You will raise your vibration, tune into higher frequencies, expand your consciousness and receive deep inner wisdom and power. There are energetic pentacles within your energy field that can be opened so that you can utilize your divine power and guidance.

Heidi has helped me finally let go of so much of what has been keeping me down. After my long distance session with her I feel a sense of inner liberation that I have been desperately longing to feel for quite some time.  I am so grateful for her work with me.
— S.T.

This is a dynamic and transformational experience to help you shift from a consciousness of pain and limitation to a consciousness of endless possibilities. Astral healing removes imbalances from your subtle energetic bodies and emotional blockages such as fear, hate, addictions and loss which are stopping you from achieving your goals and slowing your personal development and spiritual growth. The wonderful thing about Astral Healing is that this process can happen in a short amount of time, whereas it can take years, or sometimes never, in the physical level.

This work is all about rising above no longer useful mental constructs and learned systems and becoming the pure undefined Divine Consciousness.

As negative frequencies are removed from your energetic field you are able to express your life fully and completely. Fears you once held onto are no longer there, and negative thought patterns simply dissipate in your new light of being. You can then experience happiness and learn to find it midst the challenges of life. True happiness is always within you, you just need to know how to find it.

My view of this world has forever been changed in part do to you. I will no longer allow things to stand in my way. I am ready to find my purpose. I cannot begin to thank you for all your prayers . You continue to be the best example of the enlightened that I have ever met. You are truly an ANGEL here on earth and I am truly blessed to know you.
— T.H.

Receiving a long distance healing session in the comfort of your home allows you to stay comfortable and calm after the healing.

Every session is unique to your needs and you will experience new breakthroughs each session.

As you expand your awareness through this Divine healing, you become more capable of seeing all of the richness that life has to offer you.

The Heidi Healing work is amazing. The universe provides. I feel wonderful. It was powerful!!! Thank you.
— C.M.

Heidi Nordlund invites you to experience abundant vitality and vibrant health. Heidi is a certified Ayurvedic Doctor who has completed the most advanced Ayurvedic training available in the United States from Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula in Boulder, CO. Heidi excels at her practice of Spiritual Healing which she skillfully combines with her vast knowledge of Indian Healing Arts. Through her journey of 20 years of traveling through Nepal, India, Thailand, China, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and all over the United States studying Ayurveda, Spiritual Healing, Yoga and Meditation teachings, Heidi brings an incredible power of Divine opening to her healing work with rare Indian herbs and deep lasting Spiritual Healing.

It is rare to meet a person truly dedicated to the betterment of others. If I were to define Heidi in two words, it would be ‘pure love’.
— D.I.

Step away from your daily to-do list to pause, reflect and focus on your true Self. Rediscover who you are and experience lasting inner peace.