Online Healing: Release Blockages & Pain


Online Healing: Release Blockages & Pain

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Thursday Sept 19 @ 9:30-10:45 AM (MT)

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Release stagnant energy causing blockages and pain in your body.

If you experience recurring or acute pain in the knees, shoulders, hips, hands, arms, feet, legs, or in other parts of your body, this healing session is for you!

Stagnant energy and blockages occur due to poor circulation, blocked channels, toxins and tension.

Low vibration emotions such as feeling unworthy, not good enough, guilt, shame, anger, hatred, jealousy, blame, depression, anxiety, doubt and fear also lead to stagnant energy and blockages causing pain in the body.

The blockage may not be located where you feel the pain, there are billions of minute and subtle channels in your body which are connected and energetically communicate.

In this healing session, Heidi will help you locate the blockage that you are ready to release and then you will be guided through a healing visualization that will allow you to completely release the imbalance causing the pain in your body.

Heidi Nordlund is a Spiritual Healer who channels Divine truth and is here to help you heal through the power of love and light.