Four one-hour Ayurvedic Follow-Up Consultations


Four one-hour Ayurvedic Follow-Up Consultations

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Receive the support and guidance you need in order to stay on track with your Ayurvedic health regimen.

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Ayurvedic Follow-Up appointments

4 one-hour private consultations with Heidi Nordlund.

Why Following Up is Important

While on your Ayurvedic healing program, it is essential to come for regular follow-up consultations –this is the only way your progress and/or challenges can be tracked. The Ayurvedic program works slowly but surely with consistent disciplined application.

Regular follow-ups ensure timely monitoring of symptoms that come up and any concerns that may arise. They are a great way to acknowledge success with implementations or challenges you may experience. This allows for modifying the treatment program as needed.

Unless acute monitoring is required, follow-up visits are usually recommended once a month and then on a maintenance schedule as necessary.