Energy Testing Online Webinar: 10 hrs Training to Change Your Life

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Energy Testing Online Webinar: 10 hrs Training to Change Your Life

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Saturday Nov 9, 16, 23, and Dec 7, 2019, from 2-4:30 PM

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Tune into Divine Guidance. Learn ENERGY TESTING - a method to accurately test the energy of people, places and things.


What if you could know before you engage in business, what the energy of working with this person will be? Whether it will be good or bad for you?

What if you knew which foods and supplements are best for you? Imagine being able to 'see' what is at the grocery store before you go and know if the food you want is there? Imagine being able to 'see' the restaurant you were thinking of going to and being able to check the quality of the food?

You will be able to choose what is best for you in all situations.


  • Learn how to work effectively with your body as an energy system.

  • Discover how you quickly can raise your vibration.

  • Experience how good it feels when you operate at a higher frequency.

  • Receive the most effective tool to determine what is true for you.

  • There is more to Energy Testing than Muscle Testing.

  • Know which decision to make to achieve the greatest success and happiness.

  • Use Energy Testing to heal yourself at all levels.

  • Release deep seated blockages.

  • Clear away lies and unhealthy belief systems.

  • Know how to properly ask questions so you can receive clear answers.

  • Awaken your psychic skills and activate your Divine Guidance.

  • Understand what causes energy to drop.

  • How to properly smudge your home, office or other space.

  • Experience yourself as the Spiritual Being and Divine Light that you are.

  • Learn how to Astral Travel.

  • Realize that Energy Testing is the tool you utilize to follow your DIVINE PATH INTO THE LIGHT!

I can honestly say that Heidi has changed my life.
— A.H., CA

You will learn how to work effectively with the body as an energy system.

Take muscle testing to an advanced level and test the energy of all sorts of things including foods, supplements, ego, health of organs, skin, hair, relationships, people... you can test anything when you know the technique.

Energy Testing is different than muscle testing because the strength of the muscle is not being tested. What is being tested is the flow of energy.

Use Energy Testing to Heal yourself.

Energy Testing enables you to discover whether energy is flowing freely or whether there are disturbances or blockages in your body that need attention. Once identified, such disturbances or blockages can be corrected through the use of specialized release techniques that you will also learn. Afterwards, you can use Energy Testing to check that the release and energy correction has worked.

Such is the beauty of energy testing – it provides evidence of what needs to be addressed at an energetic level AND whether an energy correction has worked! This means that the energy technique YOU need can be identified and applied, so that you can start to feel better. It is a truly personalized approach!

During this webinar training course, there will be great focus on how you can use Energy Testing in emotional healing.

Your Higher Self, or inner Divinity, knows everything, so you can ask questions and watch for how your energy reacts. If you make a statement that is true,  your energy or electrical system will flow in a profound way and if you make a statement that is false, your energy system will resist and feel ‘sticky’. It’s your body’s signal that it does not agree with something. This process is fascinating and the clues you get can be invaluable to your healing and success.

You will learn how to ask questions and how to get clues to what emotional aspects might need to be addressed.

Some questions might be:

  • Is there a specific past event in my life that is contributing to this problem?

  • Do I have a belief that I am not deserving of being healthy?

  • Will clearing X, Y or Z emotional event be beneficial for my health?

There is much more to Energy Testing than simply a YES or NO answer!

Learn how to count the energy you tune into, for example if a certain supplement tests yes for you, how do you know if it’s really really good for you, or just ok? When you understand how you can apply a numbering system, you will be able to tell how good something is for you.

Your body will heal much faster when taking a supplement that tests really high for you!!!

What if you have to decide if you should go to a certain party or date… you get a yes but what the energy may just ok and you won’t actually get much out of going to the event. Instead, with Energy testing, you can test when the energy is high and you will achieve great success and happiness when following your Divine Guidance.

Learn how to Astral Travel by using Energy Testing Long Distance.

When you astral travel, you create an energetic connection with another person long distance. You can get answers about what is going on with this other person’s body and life because you are picking up their energetic flow or signal. You are connected to their energy field (and energy knows no space and time – just like when you are thinking of someone and they call you!), it can be done regardless of distance.

You will learn to ask questions in the proper way and get answers that reflect what is going on in your own and others energy system.

There is no need to understand how this works in relationship to quantum physics, you don’t have to understand or even believe it for it be extremely accurate.

It works because of what quantum physics calls Quantum Entanglement. At the unconscious level you know everything I know and I know everything you or your body knows.

Energy Testing allows you to be free of worrying, pondering and weighing decisions.

I am finally content and peaceful being.
— S.L., Boulder, CO

Realize that ENERGY TESTING is the TOOL you utilize to follow your DIVINE PATH INTO THE LIGHT!

This ability is what will evolve your life and the entire planet toward higher and better form! 

Get ready for one (if not the most) meaningful journies of your physical, earthly lifetime.
— T.D., FL