Initial Ayurvedic Consultation in person or via phone


Initial Ayurvedic Consultation in person or via phone

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Take Charge of Your Health and Well-Being

  • Discover your Dosha type, your Ayurvedic constitution (Prakrti)

  • Learn which foods and lifestyle habits bring balance in your life

  • Understand which foods and lifestyle choices bring you out of balance

  • Use Ayurvedic herbal preparations to bring you into a state of vibrant well-being

  • Find out how to honor your needs physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually

  • Empower yourself

Your Ayurvedic Initial Consultation Includes: 

  • 2-hour private consultation with Heidi Nordlund

  • Detailed dietary and lifestyle coaching and herbal recommendations for your unique Ayurvedic mind-body type

Receive effective personalized strategies to heal, harmonize and energize your life. Bring home tools that can be implemented immediately to help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, calm the mind, crave healthier foods, balance weight, generate more energy, increase immunity and vitality, and come to enjoy and appreciate your life fully.

What happens during an Ayurvedic consultation with Heidi Nordlund?

A typical consultation with Heidi incorporates the Ayurvedic diagnostic procedures of pulse, tongue and nail reading, and perhaps checking your blood pressure and an abdominal exam. Unlike in your western physician’s office where the time you actually spend with the physician is fairly short, the Ayurvedic consultation is much more detailed.

Recommendations Include:

  • DIETARY GUIDELINES (how to eat, when to eat, what to eat)

  • LIFESTYLE and DAILY ROUTINE CHANGES (dinacharya - hygiene, exercise, breaking bad habits, sleep)


  • SEASONAL PRACTICES (rtucharya - live in balance with the seasonal changes)

  • HERBAL PREPARATIONS personalized to suit your needs (both for internal and external use)

Common Questions:

What if I am seeing a physician for a condition, say high blood pressure or diabetes? Will the Ayurvedic recommendations conflict? Can I see both doctors?

Heidi is trained to work hand in hand with your Western physician. This means that the Ayurvedic herbal preparations will be recommended only after thoroughly taking into account existing medications for your conditions. You do not have to choose between seeing your regular doctor and your Ayurveda practitioner. It is not either/or. In fact if something comes up during your Ayurvedic consultation that Heidi feels must be evaluated further by your Western physician, she will contact your doctor to investigate further. Heidi works in complement with your other physicians to provide the best solutions for you.

I have read some concerns about Ayurvedic herbs in the press lately specifically with regard to some of them containing heavy metals. How do I know that the herbs I am taking are ok?

As with all things, the media tends to sensationalize issues without adequate and thorough fact checking. Ayurvedic herbs have been around for 1000's of years and have been safely used with no issues. Heidi orders herbs from excellent sources who is known for good manufacturing practices, comply with FDA regulations and quality control who deal with authentic, organic sources in India that are closely monitored. She makes custom formulas and have never had any cases so far of complaints against any of the herbs she has recommended and they have worked consistently well for her clients.

How do I monitor and track progress or challenges?

While on the Ayurvedic healing program, it is essential to come for regular follow-up consultations –this is the only way your progress and/or challenges can be tracked. The Ayurvedic program works slowly but surely with consistent disciplined application. Regular follow-ups ensure timely monitoring of symptoms that come up and any concerns that may arise. They are a great way to acknowledge success with implementations or challenges you may experience. This allows for modifying the treatment program as needed. Unless acute monitoring is required, follow-up visits are usually recommended once a month and then on a maintenance schedule as necessary.

How long should I be on the program before I see results?

It depends – some conditions will show marked improvement almost immediately, others will take longer depending on the nature of the condition, how long it has been with you and so on. A truly comprehensive Ayurvedic program addressing mind, body and spirit transformation is really a lifelong healing work in progress! Realistically, many committed clients are able to see benefits in a few weeks to a few months. But ultimately it depends on how committed and consistent you are in following all the recommendations. You will experience positive changes in your health once you start diligently taking herbs and implementing the lifestyle modifications.

Make the path to well-being enjoyable with Ayurveda, a natural health system and medical science that focuses on your unique physical, psychological and spiritual balance. In a safe environment, you receive the support you need to achieve your health goals.