Ayurveda and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, tremendous changes happen within a woman, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. However, the tendency in our modern culture is to regard pregnancy as nothing different than there is a baby growing inside and that life continues as usual. Thus, there is a great need for women to understand the importance of time and space to turn their attention inward and to listen to their bodies.

Lifestyle habits such as meditation, prayers, contemplation or chanting are recommended, as well as being in a peaceful environment where the mother can feel happy and spiritually uplifted.

Considered that most women are pregnant during their 20s and 30s, it can be challenging for women to let go of their ambition and work ethics. Therefore, there is a great need for women to understand the reasons why sufficient rest and spiritual practice are important factors during pregnancy.

A healthy diet according to the woman’s individual needs in terms of their Ayurvedic body-mind type and presenting imbalances is important. Nutritional needs are increased during pregnancy and several herbal preparations are helpful in fulfilling these needs. Digestion weakens as pregnancy progresses, therefore, it is important to learn how to improve the digestive fire (Agni).

Having a healthy relationship with the father is an important factor during pregnancy. If there are marital problems it may affect the baby. Especially during the 4th month when the heart is developing; the baby’s desires begin to express themselves through the mother’s desires and if mother and father are having difficulty at this time, the baby’s heart may develop defects.

During the 8th month, ojas is transferred to the baby, thus it is important to guard and build the mother’s ojas during this time: rest, avoid wasting of energy and allowing for more inwardness. During this time, it is also normal for the woman to become anemic and need more protein and healthy fat.