Feel Good About Motherhood
Ensure Healthy Lactation & Abundant Milk Supply
Prevent Postpartum Depression
Recover Properly From Childbirth

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Necessary for You and Your Baby to Enjoy the Ideal Start on Life Together


Astral Healing
Long Distance Sessions

Long distance healing personalized for your healing (includes Tibetan Astral Healing, Reiki, Light Healing, Chakra Healing and much more). This type of healing is very powerful and is best received in the comfort of your own home so you can relax after a session rather than driving through traffic. Receiving a distance healing session in the comfort of your home allows you to stay comfortable and calm after the session for your optimal healing.


How Ayurveda
Can Help You

Ayurveda uncovers the hidden truths about how you maintain proper health and prevent imbalances from leading to disease. Receive personalized guidance for your ideal diet, daily and seasonal routines, herbal support, spiritual development. Ayurveda heals people rather than treat diseases, this ancient medical science honors you for who you are! True health is a balanced and dynamic integration of body, mind and Soul.

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    For your body-mind health, balance and well-being during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Heidi’s work is ripe with wisdom, dedication, and love. Not only is she knowledgeable of Ayurvedic practices, her deep understanding of yoga also comes from personal experience and disciplined self-dedication — she lives the lifestyle that she advocates for us.
— Vanessa P.C., PsyD, New York